The Philosophies of a Weirdo

  1. You May Call Me Twan
    25 Mar, 2016
    You May Call Me Twan
    There is no way I can sum this shit up, just read the blog.
  2. Texts to my Mom
    23 Mar, 2016
    Texts to my Mom
    Me: Ma... Ma... Ma... MA... MAAA! Mom: WHAT? Me: Love you :)
  3. The Milk Challenge
    21 Mar, 2016
    The Milk Challenge
    Don't step in the purple stuff! Oh, too late...
  4. Mother F******!
    18 Mar, 2016
    Mother F******!
    Oh fudge! I hit my dang flabbin' elbow on the mother loving chair!
  5. Time of the Month Again?
    16 Mar, 2016
    Time of the Month Again?
    There are many things that piss me off in this world, your face is one of them.
  6. My Faves List
    14 Mar, 2016
    My Faves List
    This ain't nothing fancy, just lists of my favourite things.