The Philosophies of a Weirdo

  1. Driving With No Direction
    23 Jun, 2016
    Driving With No Direction
    You don't have to know where you're going to get somewhere.
  2. That Time I Temped
    20 Apr, 2016
    That Time I Temped
    Workin' 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin'.
  3. Thumb Twiddler
    06 Apr, 2016
    Thumb Twiddler
    Can you pass me that piece of paper, please? It needs to be ripped into a million and one tiny pieces for my subconsious pleasure.
  4. What I Want To Be
    04 Apr, 2016
    What I Want To Be
    Can I go back to being 6, please? I can't adult.
  5. Only Children Are Real
    30 Mar, 2016
    Only Children Are Real
    I'm an only child, not a mythical creature of nature!
  6. Troll Under the Stairs
    28 Mar, 2016
    Troll Under the Stairs
    Person: Dude, it's just a table Me: You don't understand